Every branch of the United States Military has musical groups which are an important part of the overall function of the branch. The Heritage of Military Bands of the World - USA site has lists of links to many of the military bands. You can find links to bands from the Marine Corp, Navy, Army, Air Force and Coast Guard as well as the Staff bands.

A staff band is the primary band for each branch, for example, there are many Marine Bands stationed all over the country (The Marine Expeditionary Force Band, Marine Forces Pacific Band, 29 Palms Marine Corps Band, and others) but there is only one The United States Marine Band (The President's Own). The President's Own is the United States Marine Band that is stationed in Washington and plays for all of the official presidential doings. This is the band that John Philip Sousa Conducted.

Most of the larger musical groups (especially the staff bands) have many smaller spin-off groups. For example, the United States Army Band (Pershing's Own) includes the Concert Band, The Ceremonial Band, the Brass Band, The Herald Trumpets, The Blues (a jazz group), a Brass Quintet, The Chorus and The Strings (see The US Army Band Ensembles page). Below is a picture of the US Army Herald Trumpets


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