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The eLessons began as emails that I wrote for the members of our Sudbury Valley New Horizons Band*.  Some are specific to what we were doing at the time, but there is still useful information that relates to other situations.  I hope you find an "Ah, ha!" as you read!  --Diane Muffitt

*SVNHB is a band created for adults who either haven't played their instruments in years (decades!) and would like to get back into playing, or who never had the opportunity to play an instrument (what are those little black marks on the paper??) and would like to.  We are affiliated with New Horizons International Music Association and now are officially called, Sudbury Valley New Horizons Music, as we added a string program.

bullet Posture and Position (and bifocals!)

bullet Practice Practicing

bullet Slow Practice... Poster (pdf)

bullet On Practice and Faith

bullet Practice - "You Stupid Fool!"

bullet Warmups and Practice Routine (based on band instrument work)

bullet Getting Started on a New Piece of Music (pdf)

bullet Breathing 101 - getting started with stretching the intercostal muscles

bullet Scales

bullet More Scales

bullet What is the Conductor DOING up There!? (pdf)

bullet Making Your Entrance (pdf)

bullet HELP! I'm Lost! Refinding your place in the music

bullet Landmarks (like when driving, landmarks help you find where you are) (pdf)

bullet Multiple Measure Rests (pdf)

bullet Ensemble Playing

bullet Learning about Gustav Holst Second Suite in F for Military Band

bullet Setting up Your Music in a 3-ring Binder (pdf)

bullet Etiquette when playing in standard community bands or orchestras

bullet Books to Read



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