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Music Links of Interest

Here is a list of a few music sites (classical, jazz & general music information) that you may find interesting. Email me and let me know about any broken or moved links and let me know of any great sites you think should be here.




Link to This!! A page of links has been created, but this page is different - it is made up of links that have been reviewed by students. Jessi's suggestions are up; make some of your own and email them to me.

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CAPA: Wayland High School's Creative Arts Parents Association web site is full of other music links, high school concert schedules


Metropolitan Wind Symphony - a great band in the area!

Boston Symphony Orchestra - Includes lists of concerts

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GENERAL SITES: Sites with lots of different musical information

Counting Music by David Tulga.  Type in a rhythm that is bugging you and you will see the counting (in numbers or du-de style).  Then you can press play and have the rhythm spoken for you (in a rather zombie-ish voice!). - this site helps you learn almost everything there is to know about reading music! Need help learning to read the note names? Want to learn more about advanced chords? Want to learn to compose with minor scales? It's all here for you

Math & Science in Music is explored on Phil Tulga's website, Music Through the Curriculum.  Lots of interesting activities relating to math & science and music.  Explore!

On Line Metronome! Turn on this metronome while practicing!  The site also includes instruction in effective use of a metronome is a great place to get free sheet music at a variety of levels for both piano and guitar!  Check it out!!

The Getty Education Institute for the Arts has a wonderful site for arts educators and anyone else who loves the arts.

Naxos Classicals: This site includes a glossary of music terms, composer bios, an intro to classical music and another to opera, a section on film music & lots more!

WGBH: Information about classical music on the radio station and channel 2 TV.

Classical Net: there are some biographies here and the site is a great source of links to other classical music sites.

Yahoo! has and excellent web search section for classical music. This link takes you right to that jumping off point.

WCRB: lots of classical music links and information about classical music

From The Top - What an awesome radio program and website for young musicians!! Especially good for serious young musicians, the radio program consists of performances by and interviews with "pre-collegiate" musicians from all over the world. Our own Wayland High School student, Alex Rabin, has been featured! WGBH - Sunday at 6:00

K-12 Resources for Music Educators - It sounds like a site just for me, but there are links to the saxophone sites or horn players sites, or other instruments, links to jazz sites, vocal and string sites and even Beatles info!

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COMPOSERS & MUSICIANS: Biographies, Discographies, etc. (Click here for Women Composers) (Students: If you are using these site for research, see warning below...)

Classical Net: there are some biographies here and the site is a great source of links to other classical music sites.

A John Philip Sousa site! And you know what I think of Sousa!! :-)

A website dedicated totally to Beethoven (thanks to Ms Plasse's class for the tip!)

Unknown Composers: An odd title for a website... these pages include information about well-known & less well-known composers. Check here if you can't find that second reference...

PBS - Jazz Kids: Now and Then: a great site with comments from today's kids in jazz and kid-friendly bios about jazz greats.

The Gift of Music - 25 Men of Classical Music - some good links to information about 25 classical composers (unfortunately, only the men, but that is not unusual. The women WERE writing, just not getting much credit for it!) Interesting links. Thanks to Ms Gordon's student for the addition!

Dr. Estrella's Incredibly Abridged Dictionary of Composers: Very little information about the composer, but includes links to other sites and books about and CDs/Music by the person.

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Women of Note: Celebrating two hundred and fifty years of music by women. Many thorough bios plus links to other sites.

Early Women Composers: A collection of midi files of pieces by early women composers.

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Chazzanut Online Comprehensive site on Chazzanut, featuring a large collection of cantorial sheet music, midi audio and background information concerning Jewish music. Also has a number of links to other Jewish music sites.

The Main Klezmer Modes: An excellent (but technical) article on the Jewish prayer modes (scales - like the ahava raba), and how they are used in Klezmer

HNH International. This site is created by Marco Polo and Naxos & White Cloud - all are recording companies that deal with music from other parts of the world. They all have Chinese music in their libraries. This site contains information about classical music in general, bios of composers, a glossary of musical terms, advise on building a classical CD collection and lots more!

Sound clips of Chinese music in the Western style and music that includes traditional instruments with orchestral accompaniment.

The Bamboo Curtain -- Composers from the People's Republic of China. This site helps us locate Chinese music that is written in the Western style.

Afrocentric Voices in "Classical" Music: A small, but useful collection of Black composers in the classical style.

Israeli Composers: Information on many composers from Israel

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INSTRUMENTS: Sites about particular modern and ancient instruments

A guide to Medieval and Renaissance instruments. Want to know what a crumhorn looked like? How about a hurdy-gurdy or bagpipe? Check out this site for pictures and details. Do a report on the history and development of an instrument for enrichment. (see warning below...)

This site is a jumping off point for finding other sites about a type of instrument. Want to find the clarinet page or something about flute history? How about checking out the sackbut page! (Remember that a sackbut is an early form of the trombone - this page has trombone links, too!) You can find history of instruments, jokes, recordings and lots of other info.

Here is a link to a pretty cool flute podcast of flute duets from the Voxman duet book 1.  He plays both parts together and just the flute 2 part so you can play along. (David Summer -

The Clarinet Pages Two clarinet sites that  include lots of interesting information and even a section for beginners & intermediate players (including an article about getting the high notes on bass clarinet!)

Play Music has info about and sound clips from the different instruments, games, a musician of the month, movies of kids who play, a juke box where you can hear different pieces featuring particular instruments and lots more!

Percussion Information has all kinds of info for the percussion student! Check it out!!

Percussion - Vic Firth has lots of resources for students, everything from how to properly play rudiments to how to play the bass drum.

Drummer Cafe: All things drums! Includes videos, education, interviews, reviews.

Online Trombone Journal - A site for and about trombonists & their instruments.

Brian Kay, one of our low brass teachers, has a GREAT website - lots of good advice for brass players of all levels. Lots of advanced information for those who are really serious.

Tips for Trombone Players

The French Horn Resouce Page : Info, games, history of the horn, who is Dennis Brain, etc.

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Boston Symphony Orchestra - Includes lists of concerts

Canadian Brass Quintet site. One of the best musical groups in the world and loads of fun to listen to and watch live. Many different styles of music from pop to jazz to classical. Humorous, too, and some of the best musicianship you'll every hear!

Zamir Chorale of Boston: On the web site it says, "Zamir means "Nightingale" in Hebrew, an appropriate name for a choral ensemble specializing in the full spectrum of music arising out of the various Jewish traditions." Check out the site for a full listing of concerts for this season.

Apollo Brass: A great brass quintet in our area.

Swing 7 - and all women swing band based just south of Boston. They play all over. Check the site for sound clips.

See our Local Concerts page for more...

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Jazz Music Reviews - this site reviews jazz recordings and gives lists of the top jazz recordings in different areas like classic jazz, contemporary jazz, etc.

Jazz Music Reviews - This site reviews jazz recordings and gives a list of the top jazz recordings in different areas such as, classic jazz, contemporary jazz, be-bop, etc.

Pete Thomas: His site has lots of jazz stuff including improvisation tips, jazz theory, composing, and sax info.

a local radio station with great jazz programing.

PBS - Jazz Kids: Now and Then: a great site with comments from today's kids in jazz and kid-friendly bios about jazz greats.

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Introduction to Marching Bands & Drum & Bugle Corps: A tidbits page from this website. Pictures, links, info on all kinds of marching.

Drum Corp International Website: DCI is the group that sets all the rules for Drum Corp competition. Includes links to all of the Corps' websites.

A listing of all of the DCI Drum and Bugle Corps and links to their websites

-- Boston's Drum Corp!

This terrific site has Confederacy Music and Union Music with lyrics, information about the songs & midi files.


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Singing in Theater: A wonderful website on taking care of your voice and techniques for quality singing for theater productions.
A big thanks to Ms Phillips' Kids for suggesting this great site!

Boston Singers' Resource: All things vocal in New England!

Interested in starting your own a cappella group? Check this out!

Boston Singers' Resource, Vocal Health Articles: a reference of taking care of your "instrument" (your voice)

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Southwest Strings: A good place to buy strings.

Shar Products On-line Violin Shop: Another possibility

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Help me fill in more great web sites!! Email me with the address, name of the site and a short description & I will add it to the list Email me at:


Yes, you may use Internet sites for your bios or research on an enrichment project, but use the web pages just like you would a book - you may not copy the information word for word or (worse yet!) just print out the web page!! Take the ideas and information from the page and put it into your own words. Don't forget the bibliographic entry! Write down the URL (address) of the site (that is the "http:_______" at the top of the browser page) and be sure to include it along with the name of the site and (if you can find it) the author of the site and the date it was created.

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