Music Piracy

I am posting MP3s on the website for your study use - please use them legally & ethically.

Lecture number 232: Copying music that you have not paid for is stealing. Period. You would never think you should be able to get a car or a trumpet or an MP3 player for free, why should you be able to get music for free??? Someone has spent hours of time composing, arranging, practicing & recording that tune. That is what he/she does for a living, and if you don't pay for the recording, you have just taken money right out of the composer's and the performer's pockets. They get a share of each CD sold and if you don't buy it, you have stolen it in the same way you would be stealing something you took off of the shelf in a store. You are a musician; I expect you to be respectful of a musician's right to live off of his/her music. No copying CDs or downloading MP3s that you haven't paid for. End of lecture. --MsM

(It is legal for me to copy these tunes for you for study purposes. You may not keep them. If you like the cut, I've given you the artist & album title so you can go purchase one. I hope you enjoy & learn from these different arrangements of our tunes.)


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