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Practice Practicing

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(If you need a reminder of efficient practice techniques,
go to the practice info page)


Learning to practice efficiently takes practice!!! Good practice is a skill. This sheet will help guide you to efficient practice. Turn in extra sheets from practice at home or in the gradeout time of workshop & it will count as 3 points of enrichment!


Name of piece you are working on _______________________________________

What spot in the piece are you working on _________________________________

Describe how you decided that you needed to work on this spot.

What is your goal in your practice - what is hard about this spot? It might be

  • difficult rhythm
  • difficult note / fingering patterns - awkward fingerings, or sticking / rudiment patterns
  • too high, too low or too hard to control
  • difficult dynamics

Be specific about why this spot was difficult for you? ("I didn't understand the rhythm" or "I could do the counting, but I couldn't play the spot & keep track of the beat" or "The combination of flam & triplet kept tripping me" or "The notes bobble when I slur between them" or whatever describes your issue)

Describe what techniques you used to tackle this spot.

About how many times did you practice this spot in one session? ___________

Describe some of your successes or frustrations.

What are your future practice plans for this spot?

(optional) Is there anything else you want to say about this experience... (Did you learn something about your instrument, or about you as a practicer, or about practicing in general, or about the piece of music. Was the practice session useful? Did it feel like a lot of work? Was it fun? Or....)

If you are using this sheet as enrichment points (3 points), you may keep it and continue commenting on a particular section over the course of a number of practice sessions. Add each day's comments below -- be sure to date the comments & add more pages as needed. (1 additional point for each extra day on this spot.)

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