You arrived here because some of this "music theory" interests you. The answers to the questions on the previous page are below, but you might want to explore some of the music theory software that we have at school. Let me know and I will get you started.

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Where is E#??? Where is Fb??? What is a double sharp??? What is a double flat??? These were the questions that brought you here. I'll bet you already have a guess. Look below and see if you were right!

The definition of a sharp or a flat was one half step higher or one half step lower! A half step is the very next key on a piano. There are no black keys between E & F and between B & C, so a half step takes you to another white key. So

  • E# is F
  • Fb is E
  • B# is C
  • Cb is B

If you run into one of those at school, there is a big keyboard chart hanging on the wall so you can refresh your memory on how all this works!

Now, what about those double sharps and double flats??? If you sharp something twice, you go up a half step and up another half step (or up one whole step). So a G double sharp (written Gx) is an A.
A G double flat (written Gbb) is down two half steps (or one whole step) and is the same as an F.

Easy, eh??   Now, return to scales page


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